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the first capless & weatherproof USB flash drive
what makes a USB drive truly capless & weatherproof (water, gas, dust and fire)?

We've been misled on what "waterproof" really means... To be waterproof does not mean that your drive still works after water or dust comes into contact with its connector, but that water and dust has no possible way of coming into contact with the connector at all.

Built for Strength & Weather Resistance

We've devoted months of stress and impact tests to determine the perfect thermoplastic compound, as the device was designed to be subject to conditions far rougher than other USB drives. This proprietary compound results in an extremely tough housing with high fire and weather resistance, allowing for long-term exposure in outdoor and underwater environments without structural or visual degradation.

This proprietary compound results in an extremely tough housing with high fire and weather resistance, allowing for long-term exposure in outdoor and underwater environments without structural or visual degradation.

Attachable to Keychain

For data in need of secure physical transportation, every quality tested i-secur-c drive comes with a large heavy-duty ring engineered to withstand the highest impact forces.

This rugged and oversized ring allows virtually any size chain, keyring, or cable to connect to, necessary when heavy pull or stress factors are exerted on the device.

Retractable Spring Loaded Mechanism

With two steel tension springs securing the USB in place, the i-secur-c drive can easily be deployed from a completely sealed and waterproof position to an open USB 3.0 port, all without worrying about misplacing a cap, or having it pop off when dropped.

This unique and patented mechanism makes this device far easier to use and much more robust in comparison to all other USB storage devices on the market.

Hermetically Sealed Airtight Protection

Utilizing a 1.5mm thick silicone O-Ring, combined with 2 tension springs, the drive is capable of creating an airtight hermetic seal to keep out all liquids and gases.

This material is also non-reactive to most chemicals and fire-resistant, meaning that coming into contact with acids, solvents or fire would not disintegrate or combust the material.

For archiving data long term in any environment, i-secur-c drives are the best option on the market.

USB Storage Vs. Cloud Storage

Compared to the last generation of USB 2.0, USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than its predecessor and 20 times faster than cloud storage, due to servers needing to retrieve and send data from thousands of miles away.

Finally, but most importantly, data from a USB drive does not rely on the internet, a technology that cloud storage not only depends on, but one which makes your data more vulnerable to remote hackers. In situations where the local or global internet grid fails, you need to access data in an area without internet connection, or you have data that is too sensitive, a cloud storage server would be insufficient, not unless you have that data stored on your person, in a tough i-secur-c drive.

Integrate A Hybrid Data Storage System

Data security is a top priority for individuals and businesses alike, as sensitive information such as personal information, financial, legal, or medical records, and trade secrets must be protected from cyber threats such as hacking and data breaches. Many organizations believe that the best way to ensure data security is to abandon cloud storage in favor of offline USB storage. However, this is not necessarily the case. It is possible for individuals and businesses to maintain both cloud storage and offline USB storage, while strategically categorizing their sensitive and non-sensitive data between the two.

By categorizing sensitive data, such as financial records and personal information, and storing it offline, organizations can reduce their risk of cyber attacks and data breaches. At the same time, they can continue to use cloud storage for non-sensitive data, such as presentations, emails, and other documents, as it provides increased accessibility and collaboration opportunities. This hybrid approach allows businesses to take advantage of the benefits of both data storage solutions, while maintaining the highest level of security for their most sensitive information. Additionally, offline USB storage devices can be encrypted to further enhance their security. With this strategy in place, businesses and individuals can rest assured that their sensitive data is protected, while still being able to access and collaborate on their non-sensitive data with ease.

Pair with i-ncript, Our USB Data Encryption App

i-ncript™ is our USB based data encryption software, designed to give you an extra layer of data security when storing files within your i-secur-c or i-secur-a. i-ncript™ features:

  • No monthly fee, pay only once
  • Encrypts files up to half the size of the USB
  • Ability to send special encrypted files called
  • Can set up a local server for file transfer with an Admin version

We Also Offer Special Pricing For:

  • Schools and Universities
  • Businesses
  • Government Agencies

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