USB drive, reimagined


The mission at i-comit LLC is to research, develop and test computer hardware that is capable of being used in extremely high or low temperatures, deep underwater submersion, and chemically toxic environments. Receiving MILSPEC MIL-STD-810 certification for military and government applications is something we highly value for our hardware products. Every product we make, for data storage or otherwise, must withstand rigorous testing because durability and strength are the central cores to our designs. The dream at i-comit is to help people secure and safeguard their digital data, whatever it may be, and wherever it may go.

At i-comit, privacy and security are our most vital pledges for our customers and we constantly strive to protect your digital assets from any possible threat. Our latest product, i-ncript, is our greatest breakthrough in data security. Every day there are hundreds of cyber attacks and hacking activities waged around the world. Several businesses and governments have their data compromised which creates grave security issues for millions of people. I-ncript is our simple, user friendly solution to this. With our software application, you have the power to encrypt any file you want via our own unique hashing algorithm. I-ncript gives its user the ability to safely store any data they want onto their USB without the risk of it getting breached.